In the current realm, digital connections are crucial tools for every success-driven business like yours. 

In this blog, we will read about Dell Boomi and why it is the right cloud integration platform for your business.

Boomi (short for Dell Boomi) is an AtomSphere integration platform that provides Cloud-based integration known as ATOMS (works on JAVA process) and seeks to transfer data between cloud and on-premise applications. 

Dell Boomi was purchased by Dell way back in 2010. It is a platform as services (iPasS) that includes ELT capabilities. The Boomi platform works on API integrations and is accessible on both cloud-based and on-premises and ensures flexibility. It works on real-time, event-based, batch processing. 

Dell Boomi is growing rapidly and aggressively in all areas such as applications, communications, technical services, and company growth. It is used to combine many technology systems across the enterprise seamlessly. As a low-code interface, Offshore, Dell Boomi Services offer the right solution.

Dell Boomi’s latest version comes up with two new exclusive features: 

1) Boomi Assure, which is a crowd-sourcing testing option. 

2) Bulk-copy feature, which enables companies to manage large amounts of data in one place.

Applications supported by AtomSphere range from small businesses to business-class products and include Oracle E-Business Suite, QuickBooks, and Hadoop HDFS, a technology commonly used for big data management. Currently, Dell Boomi’s customers include, NetSuite, SuccessFactors, and SAP.

Boomi’s most attractive feature is its low-code, drag & drop capabilities. 

Boomi’s main features include:

  • Easy integrations between cloud and facilities.
  • Easy point-and-click tools.
  • Data, applications, and B2B integrations.
  • Activity monitoring and event tracking.
  • Automatic updates in real-time.
  • Prebuilt Connector Library.

The unique features of the Boomi platform include:

  1. Boomi Tip: This AI-enabled feature parses existing user data maps from Dell Boomi to recommend assignments for new integrations, based on similar settings that have worked in the past.
  2. Boomi Assure: This feature allows users to submit test data before the next Dell Boomi release. This data is then used in regression testing, verifying that your integration processes will go on to work with the latest version of the software.
  3. Boomi Resolution: When users face an error, this feature automatically gives the most likely explanation on the basis of careful analysis of the Boomi Knowledge Base.

No tool can be fit for all purposes, yet Dell Boomi is a feature-rich cloud integration tool. Its simplicity and reliability are the most significant add on to attract its customers. 

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