On daily basis, we share so much information on the internet whether your bank details, medical information, filling your personal details in forms and so much more. Ever thought what if your receptionist in office get to know your bank details or your health issues open up in front of your friends. Sometimes they can lead to complications. In simple words with this e-commerce and enterprise software enhanced world, you would definitely not want your personal things to come in front of anyone. Advancement in technologies is always welcomed by everyone but not at the cost of your privacy.

Salesforce shield is a concept brought to you by Salesforce to enhance security and assure privacy to their customers. The only idea behind doing this is to build trust with their customers. Salesforce act as a shield or a firewall to prevent any kind of glimpse to sensitive data. It is a point and click the tool and can be setup anytime. It has three core services:

Event Monitoring
It provides customers with the visibility to see salesforce apps and see who has last changed the records, refreshed a list, what one is accessing and from which IP address. It provides a CSV file via API and pulls the data into any number of visualization tools. In it, you get a tracking feature which is very helpful for your organization.

Field Audit Trail
It provides customers with the advantage of auditing. With help of it can go back in time and see their data and have an audit trail. It provides up to 10 years of data for up to 60 fields per object. It is a good option for data backup and can be accessed in just under two minutes.

Platform Encryption
It helps customers encrypt their sensitive data while working on other functionalities. This can be setup in just a few minutes. It is built natively on the platform. Key salesforce functionalities can be made “encryption aware” and one can work despite data being encrypted.


Check your profile has “API Enabled” and “View Event Log Files” permission assigned
Now go to workbench and login to production if you have dev edition
Select queries as “SOQL Query” and Object as “EventLog File”

Upon selection, editor populates with some query text

Now go under Info >> Standard and Custom object >> select Event Log File from the drop-down. Expand attributes and fields menu. The log file shows you the content stored in files.

Rest Explorer gives you the access to Rest API. In top menu select Utilities >> Rest Explorer.Add below line after “?”


Click execute
If size is 0 then no files have been exported within 24 hours.
Once you see the files then export them. You can export it using:
Direct Download
cURL Script
Python Script
To see the files you can take help of visualization tools like Event Monitoring Wave App, Splunk App etc. if you want them to look somewhat fancy.


Create new permission set.
Go to “System Permissions” and enable “Customise Application” and “Manage Encryption Key” permission.
Now go to User >> Edit Assignments and then Select Key Manager
From setup >> Platform Encryption >> Generate Tenant Secret

Now you have this tenant secret and now you can easily encrypt your data. It is needed to have a backup or store it somewhere.
It is always a good practice to change this secret on a weekly basis or monthly to have more security. Whenever a new key is generated the status of old key turns to Archive. Export your key and save it somewhere.
Select Encrypt fields option

Now select the fields you want to encrypt and save them.

Similarly, you can encrypt files and attachments too.

Salesforce shield provides you with strong encryption and security. It assures you to protect your data along with simple and easy steps. Ever thought this could be so much fun. Now you can keep track of each and everything happens in your organization. Go and smartly say that now you know what Salesforce Shield is and how you can get benefit from it.

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