What Chatter User can do in Salesforce?

What Chatter User can do in Salesforce?

I will explain you via this blog, What is chatter, How it is used in Salesforce and why it is used in Salesforce?

 So, First of all, you must know what is Chatter?

Chatter is collaboration platform from Salesforce. It can be used as intranet where each employee has the profile page with photo Here’s what you can do with chatter:

  • You can create public and private groups
  • You can invite your coworkers to join groups
  • You can share files, links, questions with your peers
  • Add topics of discussion in the groups.
  • Also, In chatter, You can like, comments and share the post.

Before using Chatter, you must have Chatter Account in Salesforce. So I’m gonna explain you how can you create free chatter account in Salesforce?

Follow some steps to setup chatter account in Salesforce:

  1. Login to Salesforce >Url: login.salesforce.com
  2. Go to Setup>Manage User>Users>click on  New User
      1. Create a new user, then
      2. Select Chatter Free in User License and Chatter Free User in Profile.
  3. After Username is generated, users are notified immediately the user’s login name and a temporary password sent to email.

Now question is that what chatter user can do?

So the user can do many things in chatter as:

Brief On Feed Section:

In feed section, you can check and manage some following thing as:

  • You can see your updates which you did.
  • You can check who has posted some posts to your profile and who has mentioned you in any post.
  • You can check bookmarked, muted posts in their section.

Bookmark post:

How to follow people in chatter:

  • Go People section, Select All People
  • You can see all the users are showing in this and follow any user from following next to user’s name as shown in given screenshot:

Brief On Group Section:

In this section, the user can create and manage groups. Following things as:

  • You can check any recent group activity in Recently Viewed section.
  • you can check your own groups in My Groups section

How To Create Groups & Add Members In Chatter?

  • Go to Group section, Select the My Groups
  • Click on New Group button
  • Enter the Group Name, add the description.
  • Give the Group access to a Public, Private.
  • In this, If you select the private then you can check the Allow Customers option.

Public Group:

Private Group:

  • In Active Group section, User can  Join the active group by clicking on join next to last activity and you can create a New group in this as:

How To Upload Files In Chatter:

  • Go to All Files under the Files section and click on Upload file link and user can check that  which file is own in owned by me section
  • In All Files section, User can check and manage all the files here and can change the sharing setting which is depicted in given screenshot:

How Can We Post In Chatter?

  • Go to Post in chatter home page and click on Post and click on the post as:
  • After posting any post in chatter, posts will be shown in “What I Follow” under the “Feed” section as you can see  in below screenshot:


How Can Chatter User Share A File?

You have 2 options for sharing the file. The first option is the Select file from Chatter and the second option is Upload file from your computer.

  • Select file from Chatter:

Go to files, select file from the chatter as given below:

  • Upload file from your computer:

Go to files, select upload file from your computer as given below:

Chatter user can do more things on chatter like they can share any link, add poll and ask some questions.

Adding  Link in Chatter:

  • Go to More drop menu and select the link.
  • Give the link in the first section and Link name in the second section.
  • Give some information in the body which is next to Link’s detail and you can also be formating your body text.
  • Hit the Share button.

See the below-attached screenshot:

Adding Poll In Chatter:

  • Go to More drop menu and select the Poll.
  • Add some text and fill the choice as you want.
  • Hit the Share button.

See the below-attached screenshot:

Adding Question In Chatter:

  • Go to More drop menu and select the Question.
  • Enter your question which you want to add in chatter
  • Hit the Ask button.

See the below-attached screenshot:

This is all about chatter. Enjoy!!