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Automating Salesforce CPQ Testing

Salesforce CPQ(Configure-Price-Quote) solution from Salesforce is based on the Lightning experience. It has some of the elements that account for a challenge - that of standard automation methods, of the likes of using Selenium. CPQ is native for Sales Cloud or...

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Differences between Flutter and React Native

On leading app stores such as Google Play stores, several apps are being developed and deployed almost on a daily basis. Today, cross-platform app development, hybrid app development, and native app development have become prominent among business professionals and...

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How to undertake SAP and Salesforce Integration

The rapid adoption of Cloud Computing is impacting how enterprise applications are developed, distributed, and implemented. This development has implications for both the IT industry as well as enterprises. The typical characteristics of enterprise software are...

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Publishing An App On AppExchange

What is AppExchange? The AppExchange is the world’s first on-demand application-sharing service. It provides a way to browse, test drive, share and install applications developed on Salesforce’s on-demand AppExchange platform. Partners, developers, and anyone else who...

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Demand Tools

What is Demand Tools Demand Tool is the leading data quality & data cleansing toolset for salesforce.com customers worldwide. Demand Tools is a suite of 10+ individual data quality modules to control, standardize, de-duplicate, import and generally manipulate...

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Salesforce Trailhead for Developers

What is Trailhead? Trailhead is an interactive learning methodology through the essential building blocks of the Salesforce1 Platform. It is better than ever, simpler approach to learning Salesforce. With this system, you can test your knowledge of the platform while...

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Role of a Salesforce Tester

The Core Team In a typical Salesforce Project delivery, the following resources from the core team: Business Analysts Project Managers/Scrum Masters Quality Analysts/Testers Developers Administrators The role of a Salesforce tester is that of a full-fledged engineer...

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What Chatter User can do in Salesforce?

I will explain you via this blog, What is chatter, How it is used in Salesforce and why it is used in Salesforce?  So, First of all, you must know what is Chatter? Chatter is collaboration platform from Salesforce. It can be used as intranet where each employee has...

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